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Wood furniture is always serve faithfully to its owners and it is one of the most important objects of the house design. That’s why we produce furniture only from the natural material — timber.

There is a complete cycle of furniture production at the enterprise, beginning from wood in the forest to the packed furniture. The production consists of wood stocking up and sawmill section; drying subdivision and furniture production section. The period of furniture manufacture is formed about sixty days. Two hundred and seventy people work at the enterprise.

The quality of the used wood-carving and grinding tools plays an important role in the furniture production – thus we work only with the leading European manufactures – like LEITZ (Germany), FREUD (Italy).

For the wood glued we use ecologically clean glues on the water basis, produced by KILTO (Finland), without phormaldehid resins.

And, of course, the outward furniture form depends on completed trimming-dyeing and varnishing. For that we use only the material of high quality from SAYERLACK (Italy).

The inspection to check quality of the work fulfillment is kept on at all stages.